July 2014

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Tonic Gold!

Have you signed up to Tonic Gold yet?!

Tonic are a company that specialise in all things that cut, scissors and dies are their speciality.
They have recently opened a new website for their special fans and if you sign up (for free!) you become a member.
When you’re a member you can access a special members gallery for inspiration, downloads from Tonic, competitions and special offers.
Don’t forget to put your address in your profile, because when you do you recieve a special gift! (I got mine in 2 days!)
It’s a gorgeous ‘made with love by’ die, which I just love using, it’s so lovely!

I can’t wait to use it on all of my creations. 🙂
See you on www.tonic-gold.co.uk!

DoCrafts Colemans Haul

Howdy! I have been shopping!

I managed to get a docrafts magazine with bare basics wooden letters, a5 coloured paper pack and chalkboard speech bubbles.. Some large white gift bags, small white gift bags, some embellishment, a 2 pack decoupage medley, a stitched decoupage card kit and some canvas alphabet stickers.. For the grand total of..
£11.30! This is with the 10% discount I got for having their arts and crafts loyality card. Also with the loyality card if you spend £10 you get your card stamped and once you have collected 6 stamps you get £5 off!
So if you have a Colemans near by.. Get raiding their bargain bins! 🙂

Mama’s Summer Flowers

I have always been terrible at origami, but since seeing some beautiful flowers at recent craft fairs, I’ve had a google and they’re actually not that complicated to make!

You can make them in all sizes and top them off with buttons or bling, they look fab! Here’s how they are made..

You need 4 – 8 pieces of patterned paper or card. I use paper as it’s easier to fold, if you choose card, make sure it’s not too thick or you’ll have trouble making the cone shapes at the end. Any size will do but remember the smaller, the more fiddly it will be. 

First, Take a square and fold it in half to make a triangle.

MAMA TOP TIP: Use a bone folder to score down your edges to give it that professional sharp edge.

Fold your bottom corner up to the middle and the same on the other side.

So now you should have a mini square made from 2 folded triangles.

Fold your triangles out, back on themselves, so you end up with 3 triangles, 2 small ones either side of the large one.

Next, hold up one of your outer triangles, put your finger in the inside and push the crease so you’re opening the triangle out into a kite, with the crease in the middle of it from when it was a triangle. 

Do the same with the other side so you are left with 3 kite shapes.

To neaten it up, fold down the triangles that are taller than the back triangle.

Nearly done! Next fold your triangles back down the middle where they were folded before. Glue your outer tabs and stick them together to create a cone shape.

MAMA TOP TIP: Use a peg or tweezers to hold the two glued tabs together while gluing, especially when you have quite a few petals!

And viola your first petal is done! Make 4, 6 or 8 more and then stick your petals together! 

Stick the petals together side by side, using tweezers or a peg. I used a glue stick but from now on I’ll be using my new hot glue gun!

Be patient, especially as you add more and more petals, it can be very fiddly but you’ll get there in the end. The final petal needs glue on both sides to glue to your petals either side. If you’re having trouble making them meet, make sure your points underneath are together in the middle.

 And there you have it! I like to stick a button or brad of some kind of bling in the middle to make it look complete. I also got some florist wire for £1 from Wilkinsons so they have stems to put in a nice vase!

Happy flower making!
Mama x

Charlie’s 1st Birthday Party Boxes

Charlie’s first birthday crept up on me pretty quick! On his actual birthday we went to Peppa Pig world with some friend with children we know, so I decided to bring some party boxes, instead of your traditional plastic party bags.

These boxes are available on eBay, there’s a lot of stockists but I hope one day I’ll be able to have an endless supply using a Brother scan and cut (Hint hint, my birthday is in September..)

The ribbon I used was from www.fantasticribbons.com which you must check out! Loads of variety if you’re a huge ribbons and buttons fan!

I simply just tied the ribbon on the top and stuck an image on the front. SO simple but amazingly impressive compared to a little plastic goodie bag. The kids were thrilled and I could fit loads inside including birthday cake!

Happy 1st birthday to my Charlie bear! 🙂

Mama x