Bowtiful Bows with Fantastic Ribbons

Have you got all that ribbon in the bottom of the box that’s too short to do anything with? Or maybe you’re like me and have lots of pretty ribbon that’s ‘too pretty’ to stick on the average card. Fear not! The bow maker is here and it’s going to save you loads of money in the festive season and make you look well posh. 

This is my Embellishment Attic Bow Maker and beautiful ribbons from !
First! Choose your ribbon. This is difficult especially if you keep a close eye on the website and want to buy everything.. Come on, it can’t be just me.. At the moment they have a fantastic bumper pack including my favourite thing of all time WASHI TAPE and a gorgeous bow wreath kit! Ahh! Watch this space, payday it’s just about the corner and it’s only a matter of time before I treat myself.. again.
Now I have both the bow maker and the big and bowtiful.. You can use one or the other or both! But on this occasion I used the smaller one.
Slide your ribbon into the slot in the bottom..
Decide what width you’d like your bow and put the ribbon across to the right and down the appropriate slot.

Bring the ribbon behind and over to the left slotting it into the slot the same number of slots away from the end as you did the right one.. If you don’t get this bit right you’ll have a wonky bow with a knot off centre. I know some people have numbered the prongs to avoid confusion.

Now your ribbon is back at the front, take it down the hole so it’s at the back again.

Then bring the ribbon up the back and down the middle slot.
Next unattach your tail that you put in first on the left and tie a knot with the two tail ends.
Make sure this knot is super super tight it is the core of the whole bow! Don’t be afraid to use all your strength!
Finally when you’re all secure push the bow up and off the bow maker and you’re done!
There’s tons of different variations on the dvd that comes with the bow maker that is demoed by the lovely and very talented Steph Weightman and Nancy Watt.

Keep an eye on the Mama Makes and Bakes Facebook page Instagram lots of bow inspiration over the festive period!
The bow maker can be purchased here: for £15.. Highly recommended from me! You’ll never make a bad bow again! 

Mama’s Reviews – Trinity Book Review

Sometimes, especially as a mother who works 12 hour shifts, I need some time away from the crazy world of television and baby food. My normal escape would be to craft but last week I was struck down with the flu, so I decided to kick back in bed and read a book, hoping for a speedy recovery. 

The book I read was ‘Trinity’ by Nigel May and wow, what a book. I’m not normally a big reader but this was something special, I couldn’t put it down so it only took me 30 hours to read!
Trinity is a book about 3 girls who are living in their parents shadow and on their parents money. The story is set in rich parts of London and moves on to the life of luxury in the likes of Hollywood and Venice. The story follows the 3 girls in various relationships and their careers, sex scandals, murder, celebrity life, you name it, it’s got it!
I think what got me so hooked about the book is that it’s so REAL. You often wonder what happens to the daughters and sons of the rich and famous and this is exactly what I would imagine. Every page has a plot twist and I just couldn’t wait to see which character was going to betray who next.
When the book was introduced to me, it was because I had mentioned the excitement behind the 50 Shades film, so I expected the book to be some what raunchy, which it is, but in it’s own very mature, very believable way. Gay sex, straight sex, the odd scandal here and there, it had it all, but just as a film or TV show would, they would start or finish the sex and it would move on.. Not a mummy porn/mills and boon book at all, just some good old fashioned horny sexiness.
The characters in the book are very well written, the dialogue is witty and fun and the plot is intense. I honestly can’t express enough how hard this book is to put down! I love the likes of Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and Secret Diary of a Call Girl and if you did too, this is definitely a book for you. Nigel May is a very talented author and I can’t wait to read his next novel, ‘Addicted’.
Don’t buy your morning coffee tomorrow, buy this book with your quid instead!