Behind the Scenes of Hochanda TV!

Hochanda is a brand new exciting TV channel, the new home for hobbies, crafts and arts. It can be found on Sky 663, Freesat 822, Freeview 39 (6am-4am) or you can watch on the live stream on their website,
Hochanda launched on 27th August 2015 at midday and from now on we can expect lots of shows from cake making, to card making, to DIY!
I interviewed Hochanda’s first Technical Operator, Claire Dennis, about her experience of launch week at Hochanda.
What do you do at Hochanda?
I am a technical operator, which means I deal with any technical issues such as getting microphones ready for guests and presenters, organizing the equipment in the studio, operating the equipment, monitor the output and general running around like a crazy person!
What is a regular day at Hochanda like?
There’s no such thing as a regular day at Hochanda. I start at 8am, we go live at 9am, so I have to get the studio ready to go live. Then anything can happen from there! It can be quite a slow, no emergency day and I’m chilled out or it could be a day where I have to be in 5 places in the building at one time! This goes on until 9pm, when the live day is finished, I have to close down the studio and make sure the overnight output is broadcasting.
What challenges do you face as a Technical operator?
Trying to be in 5 places at once! If one thing goes wrong then I have to be in the gallery, and the studio and the office and backstage because of the knock on effect technical difficulties can have!
What has been your favourite product so far?
The Oekaki sewing machine, it’s awesome!
Who is your favourite presenter and why?
Lee is my favourite, he is very easy to get on with and I have worked with him before so we just fell back into our stride again! All the presenters are equally as lovely though.
Who is your favourite guest and why?
Hayley West, for a similar reason to Lee, I have worked with her before and I always get a great big hug from her when she walks into the studio!
What do you love about Hochanda?
I like the variety of products and the high level of demonstrations. I’m a crafter myself so I enjoy learning new things each day!
What made you want to work in the TV industry?
From a very young age I was always interested in TV and how it worked so I started pursuing that interest in college and university. It all just went from there! It took a while but it was worth it.
What advice do you have for people wanting to work in the industry?
Make yourself available! All the time! Experience is what counts!
What do you think your first Hochanda purchase will be?
I have come quite close to buying a few things actually because the call centre is in the same office! I think I’ll be getting something from Creative Expressions first!
Hochanda are live 9am-9pm and can be found on Sky 663, Freesat 822, Freeview 39 (6am-4am) or you can watch on the live stream on their website,

Inspiration Station: Making Memories Last

Holiday photos. These days, we just take photos, put them on facebook and then kinda.. forget. Not like the old days when they used to get printed out and you’d put them in your handbag and show everyone you visited and shared the stories behind the photos, you’d be lucky to get a caption on Facebook!

This means the stories behind the photos are lost and generations to come will have a look on Facebook and wonder why Auntie Sheila was wearing a sombrero in Skegness.
Anyway. This is where my new baby comes in. (Not literally, no babies here, just a loud toddler.)
This is a memory planner by a wonderful woman and brand, Heidi Swapp. At the moment it’s very hard to get hold of them in the UK so I had to order this from the Netherlands. The store was a website called and they got this to me within 48 hours! Impressive!
Inside is lots of ways to record special days, months pictures and almost scrapbook your days. A perfect place to stick all those reciepts and special something’s that you take with you because ‘you’ll stick that in a scrapbook someday.’
A lot of people use the memory planners as a way of recording ‘capture 30’ where you journal something every day. It’s a great tool to get you started.
There’s a bunch of amazing accessories to buy for it, including washi tape book (AHH!), a pouch full of embellishments and lots of pockets for all your photos, a little bit like a mini project life.
I even took it on holiday! It’s so compact it’s a great way to journal on holiday without taking a huge case of crafting goodies. All you need is a pen and some glue!
I really recommend all Heidi Swapp items but this one really is opening up new ideas for scrappers! 🙂
Check out my Instagram: to see lots of pages I have made in my own planner.
Happy planning!

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