Zutter Bind It All Review

For my birthday, my mother in law bought me a Zutter bind it all, something she bragged about last year. I actually asked for one after seeing some impressive results on Pinterest and finally I’ve had the time to give it a go.

I actually took my time trying this one out as I wanted my partner to help me with it because it looked overly complicated.. Turns out it’s not and I felt very stupid!
The machine itself punches the holes and then when you threaded the wire through it squashed it together so the pages don’t fall out.. Simple as that really.
The key to using the Zutter bind it all however is the size of the paper/card you cut, if you don’t get it right you could half punch and end like this.. Which could cause problems/pages falling out etc.
Overall I was pretty impressed with the results and it gave a real professional touch to the notebooks for the upcoming craft fair!


Lots of girls and boys will be celebrating passing their GCSEs tomorrow including a work experience girl we have working with us at the moment, so I made her a little something to say Congrats!
This was made from the cake shop kit from Craftwork Cards. To see a tutorial on pop up cards see my precious bog here: 

Good luck to everyone expecting results this year!

Mama’s Reviews – Trinity Book Review

Sometimes, especially as a mother who works 12 hour shifts, I need some time away from the crazy world of television and baby food. My normal escape would be to craft but last week I was struck down with the flu, so I decided to kick back in bed and read a book, hoping for a speedy recovery. 

The book I read was ‘Trinity’ by Nigel May and wow, what a book. I’m not normally a big reader but this was something special, I couldn’t put it down so it only took me 30 hours to read!
Trinity is a book about 3 girls who are living in their parents shadow and on their parents money. The story is set in rich parts of London and moves on to the life of luxury in the likes of Hollywood and Venice. The story follows the 3 girls in various relationships and their careers, sex scandals, murder, celebrity life, you name it, it’s got it!
I think what got me so hooked about the book is that it’s so REAL. You often wonder what happens to the daughters and sons of the rich and famous and this is exactly what I would imagine. Every page has a plot twist and I just couldn’t wait to see which character was going to betray who next.
When the book was introduced to me, it was because I had mentioned the excitement behind the 50 Shades film, so I expected the book to be some what raunchy, which it is, but in it’s own very mature, very believable way. Gay sex, straight sex, the odd scandal here and there, it had it all, but just as a film or TV show would, they would start or finish the sex and it would move on.. Not a mummy porn/mills and boon book at all, just some good old fashioned horny sexiness.
The characters in the book are very well written, the dialogue is witty and fun and the plot is intense. I honestly can’t express enough how hard this book is to put down! I love the likes of Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and Secret Diary of a Call Girl and if you did too, this is definitely a book for you. Nigel May is a very talented author and I can’t wait to read his next novel, ‘Addicted’.
Don’t buy your morning coffee tomorrow, buy this book with your quid instead!