There’s no denying how much I love chocolate, especially for my birthday! Charlie got me some extra special chocolate from this year.

Wrapped for You is a online based company who sell chocolate for all occasions. The website is easy to use, you just choose an occasion and personalise with a photograph and/or text.
In terms of size you can choose from Mini (5g), Midi (40g) and Maxi (100g). I chose maxi, of course!
My bar well packaged in cardboard, and inside I found a bar wrapped in thick brown paper with a lovely ribbon and gift tag.

Underneath the brown paper was my personalised bar! Good quality printing and lovely colours and fonts.

The customisation was spot on to what I asked, and more.
The chocolate inside was creamy and rich, not like cheap advent calendar chocolate! It was wrapped professionally in silver foil.
I was really impressed with the professional quality from and I recommend for any occasion! The wrapper is definately something for the scrapbook! 🙂

Pop Up Box Cards

Pop Up Box cards are a brand new craze in the crafting world right now, the more popular they get the more kits companies bring out so bring it on!

I bought a kit that was pre cut and scored by Craftwork Cards but they are very simple to make from scratch. I just folded it in the right places, and put double sided sticky tape in the right places. Sticking it together isn’t a work of origami fortunately! (I suck at Origami)

Once you have the base card you are free to decorate! My kit came with panels that i just had to guilloutine them to size and stick them on the sides. Next I popped out the embellishments and stuck them on the sides and on the cardboard sticks that all came with the kit. Decorating was really fun! Best of all they fold flat to put in an envelope and send without additional charges!

Try making your own, Post your own creations in the comments!

Happy crafting!
Mama x