A very quick Heidi Swapp!

I had so much to do today (including a cheeky overtime shift) but my Heidi Swapp stamps arrived in the mail and I was desperate to try them after waiting for long for them to arrive from the states.

First of all I got some old backing paper and put it on a 15cm by 10cm card stock. Next I folded and scored in half and I was ready to decorate.
A girl at my craft class last weekend was saying she was ‘scared of stamping’ as one mistake could ruin a whole project. I recommend stamping on scrap pieces of paper that are plain. Stamping on pattern pieces of paper can distract the eye, especially if it’s text, it can become unreadable.
This simple happy birthday stamp went on great and was really bold and the beautiful traditional Heidi Swapp font is to die for.
I topped it off with some bunting made from We r Memory Keepers bakers twine and Dovecraft bunting die cuts with Heidi Swapp bunting stamps in the background to give t that 3D effect.
Finally I added a little flower with some bling and my card was complete! It took around 10 minutes and it looks so sweet and simple!
I really recommend ALL of Heidi Swapp’s products.. Her stamps are great, her project life cards are beautiful and I just LOVE that font! Don’t we all?

Project Life and being a Working Mum

Happy new year, happy holidays and all that madness. Many of us find January as a month of looking back on the year we have just had and finding changes we can make within ourselves in order to be on the road to happiness whether it be a new hobby, new job, losing weight or just thinking more positively.

I have found that I share so much on social media, however not a lot in my scrapbooks. Over the years I have collected scrapbook upon scrapbook and never found the time to sit down, lay them out and stick it all together only to be unhappy and rip it all out. However, one of my Christmas presents this year was the ultimate in scrapbooking, Project Life.

Project Life is a pocket scrapbooking company, developed by Becky Higgins. It is recognised all over the world, you might have seen them in Hobbycraft, on Amazon or even on Create and Craft TV. The binders are colourful, the pockets come in all different shapes and sizes and the cards are stunning with some beautiful sentiments on them, or lined for your own.


Starting Project Life has had a personal effect on me however. Since going back to work, I have battled with myself as to whether working 12 hour shifts and missing out on my little boy and his rapid development is the right thing. However, completing Project Life has helped me get out all the photos that I would normally just post on Facebook and forget about, look and remember those happy family moments we have every month. Completing the scrapbook helped me take a step back, stop, and view my life from the perspective of someone else and helped me realise that all those hours of work are worth it for those happy family moments we can afford to do. We have a happy, healthy little boy, who is developing well and has had so many amazing holidays and days out to remember forever, now the memories are being kept in my Project Life scrapbook.


Also for Christmas I got an Instax Camera so I can instantly capture those special moments and not just post them online and forget to get them printed, I can slide them into the pockets and write about that day immediately without guessing dates or places.


A lady at work said to me once that it’s the quality of time with your children that matters, not the quantity and this has really become clear while completing my Project Life pages. We don’t often have time in our busy lives to take a step back and remember the good times but this has really given me and so many others the chance to.

So thanks Becky Higgins and her team for making me realise that actually I am a good mum, all those tiring hours are worth it and memory keeping can be an emotional journey of reminiscing, not just a fab, fun hobby.